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Stephen WilsonStephen Matson received his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Merrimack College, MA in 1981 and holds Professional Engineer registrations in Massachusetts, Alaska and Washington. At Baxter-Nye, Mr. Matson is responsible for both residential and commercial site design and analysis, the layout and design of utilities, roadways and parking lots and the preparation of site grading plans. Many of his designs employ low impact development techniques which reduce impacts to the natural and developed environment. He has significant experience designing storm water management systems based on hydraulic and hydrologic analysis of the existing and proposed site conditions. His designs have included a variety of above and below ground storm water pretreatment and storage facilities including oil water separators, leaching and deep sump hooded catch basins, detention basins, bio-filtration systems and bio-retention basins ("rain gardens"). Mr. Matson has completed engineering studies and horizontal and vertical roadway alignment alternative analysis for subdivision roads and his experience includes developing designs for the construction of new and reconstruction of existing transpiration facilities. Mr. Matson is also versed in septic system design based on MA Title Five regulations. Mr. Matson has served as construction supervisor and inspector on both private and public projects and is experienced in construction management, Title 5 inspections and storm water management system evaluation procedures. He has hands on experience using COGO and other engineering and database software.

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