Waterway Access Project
Baxter Neck Road
Marstons Mills, Massachusetts
Services Provided: Wetland Delineation, Survey, Design & Environmental Permitting

Completed Pier and Dock Pier and Dock Plan View

Start Date: 2008  Construction Completed: 2009  Project Construction Cost: An Estimated $53,000


Baxter-Nye (BN) Engineering and Surveying specializes in the design and environmental permitting of coastal structures. The permitting of coastal structures can be a very long and complex process. Retaining an engineering company with sufficient experience working with regulatory agencies can help assure your project a smooth transition through this process. BN has completed several waterway access projects on Cape Cod such as the Baxter Neck Road project. The Baxter Neck Road project involved the delineation of salt marsh and coastal bank, the surveying of existing conditions at the site and the design and permitting of a new access way to Prince Cove, Marstons Mills, MA. The access way design had several elements including an over-land access path and elevated stair system to the edge of salt marsh, a 186 linear foot elevated boardwalk and pier structure over salt marsh and open water and a float and ramp designed to dock a 54 foot boat.


The environmental permitting for this project was a complex process due to the proposed work in sensitive environmental resources such as coastal bank, salt marsh and open water.  Several different environmental regulations needed to be complied with prior to completing the final design and starting construction. Special design considerations were incorporated into the plan such as selecting special decking and pile material and maintaining specific deck clearances over the salt marsh in order to insure the longevity of the structures and avoid and minimize impacts to the wetland resources.


OOC under the MA WPA & Town of Barnstable Wetlands Regulations, MA Chapter 91
Waterways License, ACOE Screened Programmatic General Permit (Category II)

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