Crowell Bog, Duxbury – Tobey Garden Road, Duxbury – Wamsutta Way, Duxbury
Indian Head Street, Hanson – Tidmarsh Farm, Plymouth
South Street East, Raynham – Shady Lane, Wareham
Services Provided: GPS Survey / Existing Conditions Plan Development / GIS Mapping

GIS Easement Mapping

Easement Recorded Plan


Baxter-Nye Engineering & Surveying (BN) provided surveying services, existing conditions plans and GIS mapping for the recording of conservation easements at several abandoned cranberry bogs for the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service’s (NRCS) Massachusetts Easement Program. Seven projects have been completed to date with additional projects anticipated in the immediate future.

Each project involved the surveying of proposed conservation easement limits in the field using a LEICA RX1250TC Real Time Kinematic Global Positioning System (GPS) augmented with TOPCON GPT 3100W Total Station. The limits of each easement were staked in the field and conservation signing was installed to identify the easement limits. Plans showing the limits of proposed conservation easements within the associated parcels were developed for recording at the registry of deeds. In addition, GPS data was exported from Carlson SurveyCad 2007 as a shape file, the geographic extent and metadata was assigned to the data using ArcGIS ArcCatalog 9.3.1 and then attribute information was added using ArcGIS ArcMap 9.3.1. Baxter-Nye attended coordination meetings at the sites to review the limits of the proposed easements with the property owners and NRCS and provided guidance as necessary.

Surveyed conservation easements ranged in size from under an Acre up to 130 Acres with multiple easements associated with most projects. Approximately 460 Acres have been placed into the Massachusetts Conservation Easement Program as a part of this contract to date.

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