Cotuit Meadows Subdivision
9999 Falmouth Road (Route 28)
Barnstable, Massachusetts
Services Provided: Survey, Planning, Design & Construction Administration

Entrance to Cotuit

Meadows at Rte 28


Subdivision Road

Project Completion Date: Construction Underway
Project Construction Cost: An Estimated $12 Million


Baxter-Nye (BN) Engineering and Surveying specializes in subdivision development projects.  BN provided residential subdivision planning, site survey, roadway and drainage design, permitting and construction administration services for the Cotuit Meadows Subdivision, a 124 lot single-family residential subdivision located on 50.36 acres in Barnstable, MA. Working closely with local and regional officials, BN was able to secure all related permits and approvals prior to the project proceeding to construction.


As a part of the project, BN designed the stormwater management system according to the towns’ zoning ordinances and MA DEP Stormwater Policy. Because the drainage areas for this development were located within the boundaries of nitrogen sensitive Zone IIs, specific attention was given to the pretreatment of stormwater runoff. The collection and conveyance system is comprised of hooded catch basins with sumps and grass swales discharging to open air infiltration and bio-retention basins with pre-treatment forebays. Bio-retention areas were designed to attenuate runoff, assist in the removal of suspended solids, oil and grease and uptake uptake nitrogen through vegetation. Roof runoff is captured and conveyed directly to underground leaching basins. In addition, rain gardens were schematically designed for individual lots to further enhance water quality and mimic pre-development conditions. Portions of the drainage system have been installed and are in good working order


Goundwater Discharge Permit, Comprehensive Permit, Barnstable Zoning Board of Appeals
& Mashpee Planning Board

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